From the CEO Desk

Keith Elliston, PhD, Seneca Creek Research

Keith Elliston, CEO tranSMART Foundation

September  22, 2014

There has been a lot happening in the tranSMART community in the past two weeks.  We had a successful launch of tranSMART v1.2, and issued the first patch to the platform, initiating our new patch release process.  We are engaging the community in a continued process of quality improvements to the platform, and will be collecting these improvements and issuing patches on a regular basis.  This is a key part of the Foundation's commitment to the quality of the tranSMART platform. We have also released the first Virtual Machine Images for the v1.2 platform, that enable you to download and run the platform in a fully configured environment using either VMWare or VirtualBox. This is a key part of our program to lower the barriers to entry for those adopting the platform for the first time.

We have also just launched our new branding for the Foundation.  We have developed a fresh, new identity for the Foundation that is more in line with our Open-Source, Open-Data, Open-Science mission.  This has included an updating of our website, and the initiation of a weblog and a commitment to continually updating our web content.  You will also find our new identity on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.  As we continue to roll out tranSMART v1.2, the Foundation is committed to growing the community by attracting and supporting new adopters of the platform.  You will see a lot of new information coming out of the Foundation, on a regular basis, as we focus on growing our community.

The Foundation is now turning our attention to our Foundation 2014 Annual Meeting (CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS), that will be hosted by the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor from October 14th through 16th.  As you may know, the Foundation will host its Annual Meeting in Europe and the US on alternate years.  Last year we met in Paris, and this year we will meet in Ann Arbor.  We have developed an exciting agenda of speakers, which will focus not only on our platform, but also include other open-source projects that we can learn from and interact with.  We will also have an awards presentation, to recognize the key contributors to the v1.2 platform.  Please nominate those MVP's that you feel are deserving, by sending an email to  We do have a few speaking slots open for last minute developments, and a few sponsorships are also available.  Please contact Rudy Potenzone ( for more information.

There is a lot of work to be done to prepare for the Annual Meeting, and our team is also working diligently on the Documentation and Video Demo's for the v1.2 of the platform.  We are even developing a training program to help those adopting the platform to come up to speed more quickly, and to share their experiences.  You will hear more about all of these at the Annual Meeting.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Ps.  here is a quick peek at some of the sponsors for the annual meeting:  University of Michigan, Rancho Biosciences, ConvergeHEALTH by Deloitte, Elevada, theHyve and BT-GS.

Best regards,  Keith