From the CEO Desk


Keith Elliston, CEO tranSMART

January 16th, 2015
The New Year always seems to bring in a new energy and focus for moving forward.  This year at the tranSMART Foundation this is particularly evident.  We have released the latest update to the v1.2 platform (v1.2.3), and are embarking on a dedicated Bug Fixing series of sprints over the next three months.  Our ‘Bug-Fix-athon’ will consist of 6 - 2 week cycles of JIRA ticket sprints.  We will be hosting simultaneous testing efforts, to test the resolved issues, create automated tests, to identify new issues, and to update documentation. These efforts will be lead by Terry Weymouth of the Foundation and University of Michigan, and Peter Rice of Imperial College.  In addition, our partners at Rancho Biosciences will be helping out by making demos and presentations for the developers to provide them with user insights to help them address these issues.  This is a key, community-based effort to further refine and support the v1.2 platform.


We are also moving forward on a number of fronts in our Marketing and Communications efforts.  We will be exhibiting at the upcoming Molecular Medicine Tri-conference meeting February 15-20 in San Francisco, and again at the BioIT World event in Boston on April 21-23.  We have launched our MarketPlace initiative, and are now accepting vendor applications for the Marketplace on our website.  We are looking for suggestions for additional conferences that we should attend.


Over the next few months we have several 3C’s efforts that are of note.  From January 19-23, theHyve will be hosting an architecture workshop, where we are bringing developers together to discuss and evaluate new technologies that will lead us into a next generation architecture.  This will be followed up by a workshop focused on the user experience and interface for the platform.  Combined, these workshops represent a step toward the future for the platform and the community. We will also be hosting our first Datathon on March 17-19th.  The tranSMART Foundation and the Michael J. Fox Foundation are co-sponsoring the event, which will be focused on the use of the ADNI and PPMI longitudinal clinical studies, which have been loaded into tranSMART v1.2, for advanced analysis by a select set of data and neuroscientists.


Finally, we have embarked on two fund raising efforts of note. First, we are continuing on our membership campaign for both new members and renewals.  The Foundation is a member driven organization, and it is the membership that gives the community its vitality, energy and focus.  Additionally, the Foundation has been investing in the stabilization and support of the v1.2 platform, and will formally launch the Fellowship Campaign that will seek funding for 3+ tranSMART Foundation Fellows to provide ongoing support, project management and governance for the code-base.  If your organization would like to contribute, please contact me directly!


I am very excited about 2015.  We have a lot going on, and a lot of energy and momentum moving forward.  I look forward to working with all of you to continue to build our community, our platform and our Foundation.


Best regards,




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