From the CEO Desk


Keith Elliston, CEO tranSMART

June 12th, 2015

The tranSMART community has been very active since the Bio-IT World conference.  There was an exciting IMI coordinating meeting in London, sponsored by Imperial College and eTRIKS, that brought together representatives of various IMI projects to discuss their uses of the tranSMART platform, and their specific needs for the future.  These discussions resulted in some immediate needs that have been incorporated into the requirements for v1.3 development, and some key requirements for the next generation v2 platform. In addition, there was a conference of potential industrial sponsors for this development effort, that are working with us to find the support we need to execute the v1.3 development plan.

Proventa hosted a quite interesting Open-Source spotlight meeting in London in early June, where some key leaders in the scientific open-source space came together to talk about ways to expand the reach and impact of open-source software in translational science.  Key discussions included the tranSMART platform and the recently open-sourced cBioPortal platform.  I can clearly say that open-source (and open-data) is gaining momentum and traction across the translational research community.

The requirements gathering exercise for the v1.3 development project has been quite successful.  Jay Bergeron and Sherry Cao have done a great job of working with the community to define the needs for the platform in the immediate future.  The tranSMART Foundation team has worked to collect these requirements into discrete projects that will soon be prioritized and scheduled.  This process is underway, and the Foundation is now reaching out to its members and the community to garner participation and support for these developments.  This is an exciting and fast moving project, and the key short-term focus for the Foundation.

Just a quick reminder, we have our quarterly board meeting coming up on July 15th, we have our Cross Neurodegenerative Disease Datathon on June 30-July2 in Boston and we are finalizing the program for our Annual Meeting, coming up October 19-21 in Amsterdam.  I look forward to your participation in these events.

Best regards,