From the CEO Desk


Keith Elliston, CEO tranSMART

February 11th, 2015

Despite all the snow in the Boston area (the Foundation's virtual homebase is Wakefield, MA), we have rolled out the latest patch release of the platform. The v1.2.4 patch release contains 39 key improvements and bug fixes for both the tranSMART App and the R-modules.

Key contributors to this release include: Gustavo Lopes, Ruslan Forostianov, Jan Hudecek, Peter Kok, Tim Dorscheidt, Florian Guitton, Peter Rice, Charlotte Raillere, Erwin Vast, Wim van der Linden, Terry Weymouth, C. de Jonge, and D. Singer. I would like to personally thank them for their contributions to v1.2.4.

We are currently running a 'bugfixathon' to address the backlog of bug reports in Jira. I would like to encourage those of you out there who are encountering or fixing any bugs to participate in this event, and to make sure that your contributions are tracked in both Jira and are contributed to GitHub. I hope to see more names on the contributors list for v1.2.5, which is targeted for April 15th.

We also have some exciting news on the marketing front. The Foundation now has a formal exhibit booth - thanks to Rudy's work with our partners Quantum Think and A&E Communications, and is exhibiting at the Molecular Medicine Triconference this week in San Francisco (Booth #115). We will also be exhibiting at Bio-IT World in April. Look for Rudy and members of the team at each of these events.

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